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  • coming back to scratches & dings on your car?

  • stressing out about Careless drivers?

  • spending hundreds of dollars for car repairs?

  • unreliable & unsightly car ‘Protection’ ?

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say hello to bumperninja.

no more door dents

Bumperninja offers the ultimate protection against door dents, scratches, and other damage caused by careless drivers.

Save big on repairs

Avoid expensive repairs and insurance costs with our affordable & durable car door guards.

Easy to Install & Use

Designed to be easily installed and used by anyone, the strong hidden magnets and suction cups make installation a breeze plus easy storage.

Perfect for parking anywhere

Our car door guards provide the perfect protection for your vehicle. They are suitable for any type of vehicle and parking situation.

  • easy to install



  • never touches the paint

    with the advanced

    magnetic technology

  • easy to Reposition

    with strong suction


  • thick, tough,



  • Sleek design that


    your car

  • save hundreds of

    dollars on costly


flip it, protect it, forget it!

Say goodbye to car door scratches and hello to peace of mind. Bumperninja makes car protection hassle-free.

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Try the bumperninja Door Defender

The simple and effective solution to protect your car doors from damage. Park with confidence and never worry about door dings or scratches again.

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No, never drive or operate a vehicle with the Bumperninja attached. Doing so is dangerous and may result in damage to the vehicle or product. Always return the product to vehicle’s trunk prior to driving. Please read product disclaimer and all instructions before using.

Yes, our product is composed of EVA Foam, a waterproof material renowned for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. The Bumper Ninja is designed for outdoor parking. It may also be used in indoor and valet parking garages.

While the Bumper Ninja is designed to offer bumper finish protection, it cannot guarantee complete bumper protection against impacts greater than 1MPH. This product is aimed at minimizing the likelihood of scratches and mitigating the consequences of low impact parking maneuvers. However, it's vital to note that the Bumper Ninja does not enhance a vehicle's crashworthiness or ensure occupant safety in rear-end collisions.

With few exceptions, the product is suitable for most vehicles. It's important to note that rear engine vehicles are not compatible. Additionally, it's advised to avoid placing straps in the engine compartment to prevent any potential damage or injury.

For maximum longevity of the Bumper Ninja, it is recommended to keep it flat in your car's trunk when not being utilized. Folding the bumper should be avoided to prevent any potential creases on the rubber surface.

Refer to the instructions page on our website.

For further information, please consult the Shipping & Returns segment on our website.

Our processing time for orders is 2-3 business days. For shipping, we utilize UPS ground service. Delivery times may vary depending on your location. Keep in mind that orders are sent out from NY, and it can take up to 5 business days from the date of shipment for your order to arrive.

To avoid any potential damage to your vehicle and the Bumper Ninja, never enter a car wash with the product outside your vehicle. If you prefer to have the car wash attendant handle the task, kindly request them to securely place the Bumper Ninjainside the trunk before they proceed with washing your vehicle.

To maintain the cleanliness of your Bumper Ninja, it is important to clean it regularly. Start by cleaning and washing the back side of the product. Don't forget to regularly clean the rear bumper surface as well to ensure that both the Bumper Ninja and the rear bumper remain free of dirt and debris. You can use a mild soap and water for cleaning purposes. Another option is to use a damp towel or a super soft carwash brush for this task.

In situations where the Velcro on the straps does not adhere properly to certain carpet types, it is advised to make use of the extra 2 Velcro tabs that are included. Attach these optional Velcro stickers to a clean and smooth hard metal or plastic surface underneath the trunk carpet or any other accessible area. Doing so will enable you to securely fasten the ends of the straps to these additional Velcro stickers. Remember, it is crucial not to directly attach these stickers onto the trunk carpeting. They should only be affixed to a clean and smooth hard metal or plastic surface.

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  • 30-day

  • Quality
    materials &

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